Monday, January 31, 2005

Ben & Jerry's and the Census Bureau

Yesterday I received the latest message from one of the fifty million listservs I belong to. I think it was about the latest updates to the Census Bureau's database. Exciting. What's really exciting is that information is moving in an exciting new direction, bringing the US Census Bureau and Ben & Jerry's into a new era. We are moving from settling for the primitive answers we used to settle for with Magic Eight Ball to the more precise answers of RSS, sometimes called Really Simple Syndication, and sometimes called Really Stupid Syndication. What's really great is that this high-powered tool has made answers to questions really relevant, and will help match people asking questions with the right answers. This will create a really great relief for the already understaffed libraries around the country who need to create a FAQ file that actually works with natural language processing. That must be what's behind this. The Census Bureau uses a company with a very cool logo. As of right now, sales of Magic Eight Ball are still brisk.

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