Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Lulav and the Four Directions

When a bearded (youngish) man and companion approach you with a lulav and a lovely piece of fruit, turn towards him, recite the prayer after him, and you, too will begin to celebrate. It is Sukkah. There's a reason for that. The man in question, a rabbinical student or a rabbi, begins,asking, "Is anyone Jewish here?" I say, "Why, yes." That is called exchanging information. He will smile exhuberantly if you recognize any part of the prayer. Bo-ruch [Hashem]... You will also be asked to point the lulav in four directions. This is Judaic information literacy, being able to recognize the cues -- a long stalk of a harvested grain and a citrus-like fruit (if it was a lemon, it was very large, almost bursting with juice). L'Shana Tovah!!!

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